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Meet your Small MOQ

Ks knitwear believes that “From small beginning come great things”. Analyzing market demands, most fashion brands find it challenging to meet factory minimums for clothes production at their startup stage. In Ks knitwear, Flexible Supply Chain make it possible. We integrate manufacturing resources including Textile, Embroidery, Printing and Dyes Workshop to build a flexible supply chain, which makes SMALL MOQ accepted in Ks Knitwear.

Flexible Supply Chain

Integrate Manufacturing Resources

Holding the core business philosophy of fast, security and high quality, Ks knitwear has the Flexible Supply Chain from designing, manufacturing to shipment. Most Pakistani excellent manufacturers with ability to ODM&OEM, to change the order of operation executed as a part was gathered under Ks Knitwear. These factories include Textile, Embroidery, Printing and Dyes Workshop.

Logistics Solution

Promise Fast Delivery

Logistics Solution KS Knitwear provides clients Logistics Solutions to make delivery meet clients’ need. We analyze each client’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans so they never have to worry about the journey. There are many delivery options for clients to make a choice and we would also recommend the most suitable methods to save clients’ cost and meet the time.